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Our corporate partnerships are dynamic, aligning our expertise, resources, and mission to meet the needs of young people of color. Corporate organizations are particularly important as young people of color enter the workforce. We are committed to ensuring their mental health and well-being through this transition to ensure their success within the company and beyond. Partnerships may include building support and resources for young people of color transitioning into the organization and developing training for their employees.

We believe it is imperative that we create immediate impact and benefits for students. We do so by leveraging the know-how and infrastructure of existing innovative technology and startups to extend their reach to young people of color. Partnerships include collaborating to provide timely services to young people of color.

Educational institutions are a natural space for us to reach young people of color. Therefore we partner with these institutions to inform, infuse, and center mental health and wellness into their policies and structures. As a mental health partner, The Steve Fund engages with high schools, colleges, and universities on activities such as co-planning a Young, Gifted, & @Risk conference, co-creating resources, or partnering to gather data, conduct research, and evaluation, and disseminate findings.

Partnering with media and news organizations allows us to raise awareness and amplify the need to support young people of color. Through these platforms, we collaborate to share evidence-based and timely information on the state of mental health and communities of color.

We partner with other mental health organizations and initiatives to center the well-being of young people of color. Partnering with other mental health organizations may include co-sponsoring events, co-authoring publications, or co-creating new resources.

Responding to the historical, educational inequalities in our country, a number of organizations and initiatives have sought out to support the success of young people of color. As mental health partners, we collaborate with these organizations to infuse and centralize messages around mental health and well-being throughout the programming and resources. Our efforts support students throughout their educational journey to ensure college access, graduation, and job placement.

As part of our mission, we reach professionals who are positioned to support young people of color. To this end, we build and foster strategic partnerships with groups and associations in order to reach professionals through existing networks. Partnership activities may include providing professional development opportunities and resources to the associations’ membership.

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