News About the Steve Fund

Article: Yale Daily News report on 2018 Black Solidarity Conference mentions Steve Fund

Solidarity conference draws over 750

Feb 12, 2018  Alice Park, Staff Reporter

Over 750 students from across the country this past weekend attended the 23rd annual Black Solidarity Conference at Yale. The event is Yale’s largest undergraduate conference and brings students of color together each year to discuss issues related to the African diaspora.

The conference centered on the theme “Let’s Get It On: Deconstructing Sex, Sexuality, and Gender in the Black Community” and featured lectures, panels, networking events and social activities. With speakers discussing topics like black hypermasculinity, queerness, sexualization of black bodies and mental health, the event aimed to create space for participants to challenge traditional notions of sexuality and gender, as well as to explore their intersectional identities. 

The conference also included a career fair with representatives from Google, The Steve Fund, Harvard Business School’s MBA program and other corporate sponsors. On Friday night, students participated in a talent show and attended a concert at Toad’s Place featuring a performance by the rapper Dej Loaf.  


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