The pros and cons of social media and technology often depend on how we use it.  To bring awareness to Mental Health Month in May, The Steve Fund co-hosted a Twitter chat with Mental Health America to unite our online communities in conversation around how our lifestyles impact our physical and mental health.

We were joined by nearly 150 participants and mental health advocates including our guests Dr. Anthony Jack (@tony_jack), assistant professor at Harvard in Cambridge, Jay Wang (@JayWang36), co-chair for the Steve Fund’s Youth Advisory Board, and Dannie Bell, high school senior and Steve Fund volunteer.

If you weren’t able to join the #b4stageb4chat conversation, here’s a recap:

On ways to take care of our mental health daily:



On how we can support others who open up about their struggles:



We discussed how pets and service animals can make a world of difference for individuals with chronic physical and #mentalhealth conditions, and how those without a pet/service animal can incorporate animal companions in their lives:



On taking care of physical and mental health while at work:



On how faith, religion, or spirituality contribute positively to #mentalhealth:



On racial discrimination and microaggressions. What can people do to protect their mental health if they encounter these challenges?



On what mental health professionals can do to remove this barrier in cross-cultural mental health care relationships:



On how the use of social media can lead to isolation and exposure to cyberbullying. What are some of the ways that social media can be used as a tool to raise mental health awareness?



On how technology is being used to support mental health and well-being. What are some examples of technology resources currently in use to help people deal with mental health crises and to maintain emotional balance?



On other campaigns or resources for #MentalHealthMonth:



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