SHINE Your Light “Habibi” حبيبي, “Eshghe Man” عشق من, “My Love”: Spotlighting the Mental Health of Middle Eastern, Southwest Asian and North African Girls and Young Women In honor of Arab Heritage Month, Parastoo Massoumi leads this dynamic session that unpacks the various mental health challenges and experiences that Middle Eastern, Southwest Asian and North African (SWANA) girls, young women, and nonbinary transfeminine individuals face as they navigate their social, familial, cultural, and academic lives. Participants will explore topics such as the impact of stigma, gender expectations and roles, religion and spirituality, intergenerational dynamics, immigration, the model minority myth, among others on their mental health. Throughout the session, middle eastern/SWANA girls and young women will connect with skills and resources to support their mental health and well-being. Practitioners and educators supporting Middle Eastern/SWANA girls and young women are encouraged to attend as well!