The Steve Fund has formed a partnership with with the nation’s leading organization dedicated to the mental health of students, the JED Foundation, dedicated to promoting the emotional and mental health of college students of color. As part of this partnership TSF and JED are collaborating to launch and manage a joint program called “The Steve Fund and JED Foundation Partnership for Mental Health of Students of Color.”

This Joint Program aims to develop a comprehensive set of recommendations that will guide college staff members, students, and families through the steps they should be taking to best support the emotional wellbeing and mental health (and prevent suicide) among students of color. It will also provide practical, easy to follow recommendations for what schools should be doing, based on the best information available. The SCR and JED hope to also co-operate on educational campaigns designed to develop mental health literacy among students of color as well as reduce the shame, prejudice, secrecy and stigma surrounding mental health among students of color.

The Steve Fund is a philanthropic organization that aims to promote the mental health and wellbeing of young people of color during both the transition into college and throughout their college years. The Fund helps to support the work of nonprofit organizations and institutions to more openly and consistently engage young people and adults in discussing mental health, what to do if are personally experiencing issues regarding mental health, and how to respond if they observe signs of possible mental distress amongst their peer groups. The Fund also supports the study of mental health trends and practices aimed to serving young people, and provides resources to help prepare up and coming, talented professionals entering this field.