The Steve Fund has partnered with the JED Foundation, a leader in emotional health and suicide prevention among college students,  to present a webinar series for college mental health and student services providers on a set of critical themes related to the mental health of college students of color.  Presenters include leading scholars and practitioners. You can watch recording of the Webinar by clicking the links below.

  1. March 16th, 11am EST – Peer Support: Dr. Michael Gerard Mason, Ph.D, LPC with a series introduction by Dr. Alfiee M. Breland-Noble, Ph.D.
  2. March 17th, 2pm EST – Microaggression and Campus Ecology: Dr. David P. Rivera, Ph.D.
  3. March 19th, 11am EST – Imposter Syndrome, Perceived Discrimination, and Stereotype Threat:  Dr. Kevin Cokley, Ph.D., M.Ed.
  4. April 6th, 2pm EST – Minority Status & Mental Health:  Dr. Daphne Holt, M.D., Ph.D.