Taking care of our mental health and emotional well-being is an active process and each of us and our loved ones are in different places along our journeys. Here are seven ways to support the mental health of a young person of color in your life.

1  Journal: Writing in a journal helps us express how we feel and adds a “well-being check” into our lives. Questions can help get us started: “How am I feeling today?”, “What challenges did I face today?”, and “What went well for me today?” Our responses can help us both understand our feelings and take steps to address our well-being.

2  Move your body: Movement boosts our energy and mood. Whether we take a moment to dance, go outside, or play with a pet, it is important to connect and renew both mind and body.

3  Rest and relax: Rest for the sake of resting, not to do more. Take a nap, take a break, or disconnect from social media for a period of time.

4  Talk with a trusted loved one: When we share our stories, we feel less alone. Speak with a trusted friend, family member, faith leader, mentor, partner, or teacher and let them know how you’re feeling.

5  Work your inner voice: Start by recognizing your feelings rather than denying them. Then, have a conversation with yourself about your feelings and where you’d like to focus.

6  Start a gratitude practice: Gratitude can help shift negative emotions and experiences to positive ones. Here is a simple way to start: Sit and take deep breaths, reflecting on a different topic per breath or a few breaths:

  • One thing you’re looking forward to
  • One thing you’re proud of
  • One thing about who you want to be
  • Five people you’re grateful for
  • One thing you like about the way you look

7  Try a new hobby: Discover or deepen your interests, skills, and talents by trying something new. Don’t worry about being the greatest — it’s about the process, not perfection. Find tutorials on YouTube, read books, and consider attending an online workshop.