The events of the past few days have once again focused the world’s attention on the distressing impacts of racial inequities and injustice in America.  We must all acknowledge the existing structures and worldviews that create and maintain racial and cultural disparities, such as the insidious anti-Blackness that stokes disharmony, exclusion, and violence.  We condemn racism and violence in all of its forms.

Young people of color already face unique challenges as they navigate the path from adolescence to adulthood.  The escalation and layering of despair and adverse social determinants present profound risks to their mental health and emotional well-being.  Unaddressed, these risks threaten every dimension of their safe transition to a healthy and productive adulthood and the attainment of even modest health, education, social and economic outcomes. Fostering resilience among young people of color caught in this current quagmire of the COVID-19 pandemic, associated devastation and racial trauma warrants deliberate and intentional investments and support services that remove young people of color from harm’s way.   

The Steve Fund is the nation’s leading organization focused on supporting the mental, social, and emotional health and well-being of young people of color. We are committed to the goal of promoting the mental health of students of color during this most trying time and in its aftermath through our programs, services, and technical assistance.  We invite you to learn more here

This is a painful, tragic period and understandably, many of us are hurting.  The following resources may help you cope during this difficult period.

  1. Community Healing Network: Healing in the Face of Racial Trauma
  2. National Child Traumatic Stress Network: Taking Care of Yourself 
  3. National Child Traumatic Stress Network position statement on racial trauma and African Americans
  4. Self-Care Tips For Black People Who Are Struggling With This Very Painful Week (Vice)
  5. Boston College Racial Trauma Toolkit
  6. NYU The Trauma of Racism