For many higher education leaders, it’s been increasingly difficult to engage in mental health equity work amidst ongoing political debates, legislative and judicial changes, and anti-DEI policies. How can you continue promotion? What must you avoid? And what does the future of student mental health care look like for traditionally underrepresented student populations?

Join Mantra Health, in partnership with Steve Fund, for a discussion on the ongoing importance of mental health equity work and what you can do as a campus leader regardless of your state’s restrictions. Four experts in the field will discuss the different approaches in which you can:

  • Support traditionally marginalized and underrepresented student populations
  • Advocate for systemic changes on your campus
  • Build more comprehensive mental health support systems

Mental health equity isn’t going to be achieved overnight, even on the most well-equipped campuses, but with the right systems and processes in place, institutions can better support their students and contribute to better outcomes.